1. July 7, 2022, ICNL Invited Talk: NVIDIA Series – Omniverse SDK introduction  — NVIDIA
  2. June 19, 2023, ICNL Invited Talk: NVIDIA Series – Unfolding the Power of Data, Model and Application in AI & Digital Twin Metaverse Environment  — NVIDIA
  3. Jan. 18, 2024, ICNL Invited Talk: Future Science Discovery — Prof. Simon See, Senior Director, Chief Solution Architect and Global Head, NVIDIA AI Technology Center, NVIDIA
  4. Monthly discussions 


Joint laboratory meeting

Prof. Simon See, Chief Solution Architect and Global Head of NVIDIA AI Technology Center, visited the joint laboratory. We discussed the future collaborations together with the NVIDIA, Japan through a hybrid meeting. 

Joint laboratory demonstration

The demonstration on the on-goning collaborative project on the digital twin, metaverse, and UAV.



Joint laboratory talk

Prof. Simon See delivered a talk in the laboratory.



Students got the internship certificates from NVIDIA

Part of Related Publications:

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Apr. 2022, NVIDIA-ICNL joint Laboratory Starts

Dec. 2021, ICNL laboratory establishes collaborative relations with NVIDIA