The ICNL (Intelligent Computation and Network Laboratory) focuses on the fusion of new networking technology, distributed computation, and intelligence to enable the future information system technologies (e.g., B5G, 6G, Future Networks, Big data-driven technologies, network security, trust, privacy) and support future services (Society 5.0, Metaverse, Big Data, IoT, CPS, and etc.).

In this field of research, information and communication network infrastructure and its environment are evolving rapidly as information computation continues to move from the cloud to the network edge due to the dramatic advances and fusion of communication technology, distributed processing, and artificial intelligence. In our laboratory, we are actively responding to the needs of the future society, efficiently embedding intelligence and distributed processing into the network, and conducting comprehensive researches targeting revolutionary/evolutionary networking and emerging service systems.

1. Future Networks

Quantum Network

In-Network Computing, Information-Centric Network, Internet of Things

Mobility-oriented Network

Software-Defined Network, Network Virtualization

Industrial Network

2. Emerging Applications (Big Data and Metaverse)

Metaverse, Digital Twin

Machine Learning, Network Intelligence, Generative Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Model

Big Data Driven Network Architecture

Big Data Driven Wireless Networks

Machine Learning

Big Data Driven Future Networks

3. 6G/B6G

Network Architecture, Network Resilience, Drone and Satellite Communications

Interconnections between wireless networks and wired networks

Integration between Cyberspace and Physical Space

4. Security, Trust, Privacy


Data-centric Security and Privacy

Distributed Data Trust Evaluation

Future Authentications and Authorizations

Laboratory Environment

Equipments in Laboratory



  1. National Insitute of Information and Communications Technology
  3. HPC-AI Advisory Council